Web Accessibilty Statement

Features Provided for Accessibility

We provide the following features to aid in making this website as accessible as possible to those using alternative technologies to access the web:

  • All content images include descriptive “alt” attributes. Wherever possible, textual links are provided for navigation instead of image links.
  • All form elements include “label” tags to help accessible technologies describe those forms to their users.
  • Relative font sizes are utilized in the design of this site, in order to make it possible for accessible technologies to scale the content of the site accordingly.
  • Skip links are provided to allow keyboard navigation to jump between different sections of the page.
  • The semantic layout of the page is kept separate from its visual layout, and cascading style sheets are used for visual formatting and layout, allowing the site to degrade when cascading style sheets are disabled.
  • For pages where the use of AJAX and JavaScript would interfere with the use of accessible technologies, alternate versions of those pages are provided that do not use AJAX or JavaScript. Those alternate versions made available via keyboard navigation skip links.

For More Information

If you have additional questions about Socrata’s accessibility measures, please contact us. VPAT and GPAT assessment documents are available upon request.